Lego Bionicle Models - 2006 - Winter 2006 - Piraka


Box Sets: Voya Nui Matoran

  • 8721 Velika
  • 8722 Kazi
  • 8723 Piruk
  • 8724 Garan
  • 8725 Balta
  • 8726 Dalu
    • Includes instructions to combine sets into two Rahi: Velika, Piruk, and Balta into a Lava Hawk; and Kazi, Garan, and Dalu into a Dagger Spider.

Canister Sets: Piraka

  • 8900 Reidak
  • 8901 Hakann
  • 8902 Vezok
  • 8903 Zaktan
  • 8904 Avak
  • 8905 Thok
    • Includes instructions for three alternate models: one combining Reidak and Zaktan, another combining Hakann and Avak, and a third combining Vezok and Thok. None of these are included in storyline canon.
    • More instructions were later distributed through Irnakk sets (below) and Lego Club Magazine to combine sets into two more alternate models: Reidak, Vezok, and Thok sets into Irnakk; and Hakann, Zaktan, and Avak sets into a Protodax.


  • 8626 Irnakk
    • Consists of Reidak, Vezok, and Thok sets; plus instructions for Irnakk, a gold Thok spine piece, and some gold tubing.


  • 8624 Race for the Mask of Life
  • 8892 Piraka Outpost
  • 8893 Lava Chamber Gate
  • 8894 Piraka Stronghold


  • 6934 Good Guy
    • Released through Donald Duck Magazine
  • 6935 Bad Guy
    • Released through Donald Duck Magazine
  • 7716 QUICK Good Guy White
  • 7717 QUICK Bad Guy Green
    • Released through QUICK fast food restaurant promotions
  • 7718 QUICK Bad Guy Yellow
    • Released through QUICK fast food restaurant promotions
  • 7719 QUICK Good Guy Red
    • Released through QUICK fast food restaurant promotions
  • 7216 Gold Good Guy
    • Released through Duracell promotion
    • Unofficially represents Turaga Lhikan
  • 7217 Duracell Bad Guy
    • Released through Duracell promotion
  • 6936 Piraka and Catapult
  • 6937 Give Away

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