Lego Adventurers - Amazon (1999)

Amazon (1999)

Characters introduced:

Señor Palomar: The main antagonist of the Amazon Jungle theme. He was hired by Baron von Barron.

Rudo Villano: Señor Palomar's closest criminal partner. The name is composed of the Spanish words rudo (mean) and villano (villain).

Gabarro: A sailor who works for both the adventurers and a main villain Señor Palomar.

  • 1271 Jungle Surprise/5905 Hidden Treasure (Virtually the same set)

Minifigs: Gail Storm.

Animals: Black Spider, Red Snake

  • 5901/5902 River Raft

Minifigs: Rudo Villano

Animals: Red Snake

  • 5906 Ruler of the Jungle

Minifigs: Achu

Animals: Black Spider

  • 5925 Pontoon Plane

Minifigs: Harry Cane

  • 5936 Spider's Secret

Minifigs: Skeleton, Gail Storm, Señor Palomar. Animals: 2 Black Spiders, Black Scorpion

  • 5956 Air Zeppelin

Minifigs: Rudo Villano, Dr.kilroy, Johnny Thunder, Harry Cane

Animals: Black Spider

  • 5976 River Expedition

Minifigs: Gabarros, Johnny Thunder, Dr.kilroy, Rudo Villano, Señor Palomar, Skeleton, Achu.

Animals: Red Snake, Black Snake, Black Spider, Black Scorpion, Monkey, Parrot.

  • 5986 Amazon Ancient Ruins

Minifigs: Dr.kilroy, Johnny Thunder, Gail Storm, 2 Skeletons, Señor Palomar, Achu, Rudo Villano, Gabarros.

Animals: Black Snake, Red Snake, 2 Black Spiders, Black Scorpion, Black Bat, Green Crocodile

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