Left Jab

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Counterpunch (boxing) - Technique
... Boxer B makes a left jab counter-punch to the body following Boxer A's right straight punch Boxer A's left jab is countered with Boxer B throwing a right straight punch to the head Boxer B ...
Signals Intelligence In The Cold War - 1970s - Second-generation Army Tactical SIGINT Aircraft (continued)
... LEFT BANK, introduced in 1970, was a first attempt for 360-degree coverage, which was perfected as LEFT JAB on the JU-21A series ... LEFT JAB was the first Army system that used an airborne digital computer to combine DF and inertial navigation information ... The next refinement, LEFT FOOT, combined the LAFFING EAGLE's sharper DF feature with the LEFT JAB computer, creating the RU-21E aircraft ...
... is a counter-attack begun immediately after an opponent throws a jab, exploiting the opening in the opponent's position ... straight punch on instance-as a counter-punch (cross) after an opponent's left jab A left jab on instance-as a counter-punch (cross) after an opponent's left jab Boxing terminology Professional boxing Amateur ...

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