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List Of Musicians Who Play Left-handed - Guitarists - Left-handed With Normal Stringing - Notable Players
... (The Rezillos/The Human League) - Plays guitar left-handed ... Calogero - Plays guitar and bass left-handed Ali Campbell (ex-UB40) Robin Campbell (UB40) Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) (Stetin 20015) David Cook Billy Ray Cyrus Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots) Willie ... Paulo Furtado (Wraygunn/The Legendary Tigerman) Paul Gray (Slipknot) (left-handed) Started out playing right-handed, then changed to left-handed because it was more comfortable ...
List Of Musicians Who Play Left-handed - Guitarists
... Left-handed people play guitar or electric bass in one of four ways (1) play a right-handed guitar right-handed, (2) play a true left-handed instrument, (3) play a right-handed instrument ... with the bass strings on top), or (4) turn a right-handed guitar upside down, pick with the left hand, but leave the strings as they were – which makes them reversed from the ... (The fingering is the same for methods 2 and 3.) Any style of picking with the left hand (flatpicking or fingerstyle guitar) is considered playing left-handed ...
Righthand - Emergence in Humans - Theories - Genetic Factors
... For example, if both parents of a child are left-handed, there is only a 26% chance of that child also being left-handed ... Carriers of one allele are more likely to be right-handed, and the other allele does not specify the direction of handedness, instead leaving it to chance ... found a gene that is positively correlated with left-handedness in females, and negatively correlated in males ...
List Of Musicians Who Play Left-handed - Drummers - Notes
... Ringo Starr is naturally left-handed but was taught to write right-handed ... His drums are set up for right-handed playing, but he leads with his left hand ... Christopher Guanlao of Silversun Pickups is left-handed but plays a right-handed set primarily in "open style" (opposite to cross handed) and has his ride cymbal to his left ...
List Of Musicians Who Play Left-handed
... This is a list of notable musicians who play their instruments left-handed ... (This does not include left-handed people who play right-handed, such as Duane Allman, B ...

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    Sure, you can love your child when he or she has just brought home a report card with straight “A’s.” It’s a lot harder, though, to show the same love when teachers call you from school to tell you that your child hasn’t handed in any homework since the beginning of the term.
    —The Lions Clubs International and the Quest Nation. The Surprising Years, II, ch.3 (1985)

    Logic and hope fade somewhat by thirty-six, when endings seem more like clear warnings than useful experience.
    Jane O’Reilly, U.S. feminist and humorist. The Girl I Left Behind, ch. 2 (1980)