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BEGA League

The BEGA League/Justice 5 are a team of beybladers. BEGA stands for Beyblade Entertainment Global Association. BEGA League only appear during the third season, and are seen by fans as enemies for aiding Boris. The team consists of Garland, Brooklyn, Ming-Ming, Mystel and Crusher. Their bit-beasts are named after the Greek and Roman gods.

Ming-Ming Love
Beyblade character
First appearance G Revolution
Japanese name Ming-Ming
Bit-beast Venus
Ming-Ming (voiced by Stephanie Beard in the English version and Aya Hirano in the original Japanese version)
Ming-Ming Love only appears in the third season, Beyblade G-Revolution. She is a new singing pop diva raising to fame as a both a singer and a Beyblader. Her Beyblade is called Venus, and she works for Boris in the BEGA League.
Usually, she portrays herself to be a sweet young girl. However, she has another, tougher side when she blades. It is easy to tell which from her size and by her eyes. Tough Ming-Ming (called Queen Form in the original) is taller and has a serious look in her eyes while innocent Ming-Ming (called Loli Form) is shorter and has a typical anime cute set of eyes. Her attitude depends on her form, but generally she is a very confident girl with a lot of pride. After (and including) the episode, Runaway Daichi, a running gag throughout the season is Kenny's uncontrollable crush on Ming-Ming.
Brooklyn Kingston (voiced by Soichiro Hoshi in the Japanese version and Robert Tinkler in the American version)
Brooklyn is the strongest competitor in the series which Kai and Tyson have to face. He is a naturally gifted Beyblader and doesn't need to try in order to win. There are two sides to his personality. First, the calm and seemingly gentle side and then the psychotic, aggressive side. He defeated Kai just like a child's play in their first match, though lost drastically in their second when Kai - as he himself stated - unleashed his "true" potential.He has always thought no one can beat him so he did not put ANY hard work into battling because of his "natural ability".
Like Tyson, he is at one with his bit beast, but Brooklyn forms physical traits of his bit beast, for instance wings form on his back that reflect his bit beast Zeus's wings.
His childhood reflected strongly in his personality. Because he always won, the other children did not want to play with him, so he was often left alone. During Brooklyn's Beyblade match with Tyson, because of Kai defeating him, he has turned insane. Brooklyn has always beybladed using only his natural ability, and because that was good enough to win he never put much energy into his matches. He realizes that, by using the combined powers of his emotions and abilities, he could create much more damage. Eventually, all his negative emotions reach their apex, especially his annoyance, frustration and sadness. These mix with the evil darkness of his demonic bit-beast, Zeus, and using King of Darkness attack, creates a black hole that proceeds to ravage and devour the entire world and everyone in it into his soul. Thus, he declares himself a god. He only calms down once Tyson explains to him the true meaning of Beyblading, using the power of the bit-beasts of his team-mates (Kai,Ray,Max and Daichi)and Tala's Wolborg (Tala woke up from his coma and sent Wolborg with his special ice attack to help Tyson) to dispel Zeus's darkness, returning the world to normal, albeit heavily ravaged. Once the chaos had passed, Tyson and Brooklyn continue their battle as it should have been, a friendly competition, free from the machinations of the now disgraced Boris. Tyson wins in the end due to Dragoon absorbing other bit-beasts's powers and then attacked and defeated Zeus. Both bladers then took their Beyblades and battled again, however, the victor was never actually shown.
Garland Siebald (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in the Japanese version and David Berni in the American version)
Garland is a confident blader who aims to be a champion of the BEGA league. He came from a family of many sports players, all his brothers and sisters have been champions in their sports except him: Jessie (Baseball), Todd (Soccer). Kayla (Tennis), Britt (Golf) and Jamie (Formula 1 Racing). He chose Beyblading to follow his dream of becoming champion like them. He is proud of his Siebald family name and fights for it. He is arrogant at times due to his confidence and underestimates bladers such as Tyson.
His type of blading style is much like the style used in regular and kick boxing. He lets his opponent get worn out and he comes in for the kill. As seen in most of his battles, he usually finishes a regular battle with a round house kick.
He first appeared by defeating both Bryan and Spencer of the Blitzkrieg Boys at once, indicating his powerful Beyblade. He was so strong and aggressive during his beyblade match against Tala Valkov of the Blitzkrieg Boys that he put him into hospital- his means of winning was to not only hit his opponent's beyblade, but to launch a physical martial arts attack on the blader themselves. Garland follows his family's principles of winning during his Beyblade match against Tyson, but he realizes that he was acting according to his family's principles, and not his. And during Tyson's match against Brooklyn, he also realized that although BEGA work together, they aren't a true team.
His beyblade is Appolon with the Radiant Thunder attack.
Mystel (voiced by Kouki Miyata and Edward Glen in the American version)
Mystel is quite a mysterious character by nature as quoted from a Beyblade episode "The Mysterious Mystel" and is seen to be quite quirky. He spends his time in high places lurking around his team mates whenever they need to meet. He has strange abilities that makes it seem like he can float in mid-air. Water is his element and he uses it well.
Mystel is a nice guy all round, if sometimes blunt with his wording and seems to somewhat offend the White Tiger X team when they find him in their camp; he comments on how they obviously cannot retrieve the fruit from atop the cliff like he can. He appears to have befriended Ray and the White Tigers when he first appears. He nearly persuaded Ray to join BEGA. Mystel seems to have a very free spirit, and is a very happy person. He is believed to be the youngest of the team.
His Beyblade attacks are unpredictable. Bladers say that he uses a 360 degree attack, and he uses a bit-beast named Poseidon. Even though he is small, he's proved to be a strong blader when he defeats Lee of the White Tiger X team easily, and holds his own against Ray before an accident occurs and the battle has to end without deciding a winner.
His beyblade is Poseidon with the Ocean Javelin attack.
Crusher (Moses) (voiced by Masachika Takatsuka in the Japanese version, and Chris Marron in the American version)
Even though Crusher only started to Beyblade later in his life, he is a very strong and skillful player. He was quickly trained by Boris. Crusher is large in statue, and has strange markings on his face. Although Crusher can seem intimidating, he is actually a nice person, and this is proven when he tells Boris that he doesn't want to cheat by destroying Tyson's Beyblade before his match with Brooklyn so that Tyson has to forfeit and BEGA will win. He is soft at heart, and this is proven when his ill sister gives him a doll she made of him, and Crusher cries saying that he will win his Beyblade match against Ray for her. Crusher wins the match, in the process destroying his beyblade (it was fixed though). His reason for being a Pro Blader is to earn enough money to help his little sister, Monica, gets the medical attention she needs.
Unfortunately, the night before the Justice 5 tiebreaker match, Boris blackmails Crusher, along with Ming-Ming, to destroy Tyson's Dragoon to ensure Boris's success, using the fact that it was Boris who funded Monica's medical expenses.
His beyblade is Gigars with the Demolition Axe attack.
The BEGA Band
The BEGA Band is BEGA's mascots. The team consists of Ming-Ming, the Leader and lead singer, Jelly, the guitar player, Killy, the drummer, and Hikaru, the bass player.
BEGA's Water Bladers
BEGA's Water Bladers are Boris's training squad that were used to battle with the Blitzkrieg Boys when they confronted Boris. The team consists of Billy, Gray and Hawk. Their bit-beasts are Crab Diver, Orca Diver and Manta Diver, respectively, and their attacks are Snapping Claw, tube Rider and Poison Scorpion Sting, respectively.

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