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The White Tigers are a team of Beybladers. The team consists of Lee Wong, Mariah Wong, Gary Tan, Kevin Cheng, and in the third season Beyblade G-Revolution only, Ray Kon and Master Tao. In G-Revolution, The White Tigers are renamed White Tiger X, and Ray and Lee are tagteam partners. The White Tigers do not make an appearance in the second season. All members of the White Tigers have cat-like expressions and features.

Lee Wong
Japanese name Rai Chou
Bit-beast Galeon
Lee (Rai)
Lee Chan, known in the Japanese version as Rai Chou (金李, Japanese: Chou Rai, Chinese Pinyin: Won Laǐ) is a fierce competitor in Series One. He holds grudges for years and uses that as his advantage in battle. He is well respected and in turn respects his village and its people. However, because he is an emotional character it sometimes leads him to lose his cool and even break down. He's quick to anger and speaks his mind, and also has a tendency to push himself a little too hard. Lee can often harness his passion for Beyblading into the strength and resolve required to win, and is also able to predict and follow his opponent's every move.
Lee is voiced by Koichi Nagano in the original version, and by Ted Cole in the English dub. He shares the same English voice actor with Spencer, Kane, and Barthez.
Mariah Wong
Beyblade character
Japanese name Mao
Bit-beast Galux
Mariah (Mao)
Mariah is the first girl-blader to appear in the series. She has cat-like features and a fierce bitbeast. She is completely loyal to the White Tiger team and always tries to keep the peace within it. She likes to taunt other bladers who think she can't beat them and because of her speed, she can knock bladers off guard. Her friendship is also with Ray. Despite the team distrusting him when he left in Series 1, she still believed he would return and stay a member of the team. Mariah has a playful attitude and supports the "girl-power" idea. At times, she can get very aggressive. She gets along very well with the other girls.
Mariah is voiced by Niina Kumagaya in the original version, and by Julie Lemieux in the English dub. She shares the same English voice actress with the dub-only character Dizzi, Ms. Kincaide, and Julia.
Kevin (Kiki)
Kevin, known in the Original Japanese version as Kiki (キョウジュ Kiki Cheng), has a wild and unpredictable style. His bit-beast is Galman, a monkey that seems to produce more copies of itself to confuse his opponent. Kevin Tan loses to Tyson twice, and is never able to get revenge in the finals of the Asian tournament. His special attacks are the Crazy Monkey attack and Monkey Claw attack. When Ray left, this made Kevin angry. He's slightly selfish, and is a bit of a prankster. He has a somewhat brotherly relationship with Gary, and he is good friends with Mariah. He may be small, but Kevin is one nimble character. His taunting tactics not only annoy, but also provoke his rivals. And when facing off against another team, it's Kevin who provides both physical and verbal distractions from the battle at hand.
He is voiced by Junko Shimakata in the original version, and by Lyon Smith in the English dub. He shares the same English voice actor with Michael, DJ Jazzman (V-Force only), and Romero.
His beyblades are Galman with the Crazy Monkey attack and Galman 2 with the Illusion Confusion attack.
Gary (Gao)
Gary, known in the Japanese version as Gaou (金李, Japanese: Tan Gaou, Chinese Pinyin: Jīn Lǐ) has a special bond with his bit-beast Galzzly, which allows Galzzly to imitate Gary's emotion and use it for power. In the Asian tournament finals Gary ended up thrashing Max's blade and destroying the arena with it, proving Gary is one of the strongest bladers around. However, his mind tends to turn to thoughts of food, rather than the actual beybattles on more than a few occasions. Despite all of this, Gary is more of a gentle giant than he is a competitor who seeks to destroy his opponents. His attacks are Bear Axe Attack and Bear Stomp Attack. He has a somewhat brotherly relationship with Kevin. He was shown in the BEGA arc. along with all with his team mates, helping Tyson and his gang control the HMS blades and actually try being on the team.
Gary is voiced by Kazuyuki Ishikawa in the original version, and by Craig Lauzon in the English dub. Gary shares the same English voice actor with Bryan, Joseph, Goki, Dr. Zagart, Gordo, and Claude.
His beyblades are Galzzy with the Bear Axe attack and Galzzy 2 with the Bear Stomp attack.
Master Tao
Master Tao is the coach - or "sensei" - of White Tiger X. He makes his first and only appearance in G-Revolution, though according to Rei and his teammates he was their teacher long beforehand. Tao is something of an oddity; while he clearly knows a great deal more than he lets on, his strange "words of wisdom" leave much to be desired, and his odd and somewhat perverted nature often conceals how wise he truly is. Tao is voiced by John McGrath in the English dub.

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