Lee Hasdell

Lee Hasdell (born 13 December 1966, in Northampton, England) is a British mixed martial artist, kickboxer and promoter. He promoted the first professional Mixed martial arts events in the United Kingdom. Lee Hasdell turned professional as a Kickboxer in 1989, eventually becoming British champion in Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) and Kickboxing, under Full Contact and Freestyle rules. On 20 April 1996, Hasdell won the World Oktagon Shoot boxing Tournament in Milan, Italy. Two months before his Shootboxing victory, Hasdell made his Fighting Network RINGS debut as a Shootfighter.

Throughout his career, Hasdell has fought in organisations such as K-1, Fighting Network RINGS, Pankration, Cage Rage and fought in the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. Lee Hasdell is a RINGS veteran, fighting for them 22 times between 1996-2001 in Japan, Holland and Russia.

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