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Popular Programs

LBC has produced many popular programs including Star Academy Arab World, Ya Katel Ya Maktoul (Arabic version of Greed), Miss Lebanon, Hellha wo Ehtalha (Arabic version of French TV Show Fort Boyard), Survivor Middle East, El Wadi (Arabic version of The Farm), The Perfect Bride and Mission Fashion.

Its most famous talk show is Kalam Ennas (Arabic: كلام الناس‎; which means "The words of the people") hosted by Marcel Ghanem. The show, which originally aired on C33, moved to LBC after C33 was shut down in the mid-1990s. Another famous show is BassMat Watan (Arabic: ب س م ا ت و ط ن‎; a pun in Lebanese for either "The smiles of the homeland" or "When the nation died", depending on how people see the joke of this title), a sketch-comedy show that deals with politics and current events.

  • Ahmar Bel Khat El Arid
  • Kalam Ennas
  • Akhbar.com
  • Nharkom Said
  • Celebrity Duets ديو المشاهير
  • Top Chef Middle East
  • Beirut I Love You
  • Arqam Btehki
  • In Touch
  • Basmat Watan
  • Douma Kratiya
  • Helwi w Murra
  • Zefou El Arous
  • Lezim Taaref
  • Kids Power
  • Nehna Labaad
  • Bala Mazeh
  • Tele Auto
  • Star Academy Arab World
  • Sunday Mass

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