Leandro Marcolini Pedroso De Almeida - Statistics


(correct as of 27 November 2010)

Season Club Country League Apps Goals
1999/00 MTK Budapest FC HUN NB I 2 0
2000/01 Büki TK Bükfürdő HUN NB III 10 0
2000/01 Haladás Szombathely HUN NB I/B 17 3
2001/02 Haladás Szombathely HUN NB I 35 8
2002/03 Ferencváros HUN NB I 29 4
2003/04 Ferencváros HUN NB I 30 3
2004/05 Ferencváros HUN NB I 11 0
2005 Atlético Paranaense BRA Série A 4 0
2005/06 Ferencváros HUN NB I 15 0
2006/07 Debreceni VSC HUN NB I 26 6
2007/08 Debreceni VSC HUN NB I 27 8
2008/09 Debreceni VSC HUN NB I 29 5
2009/10 Debreceni VSC HUN NB I 13 3
2009/10 AC Omonia CYP A Katigoria 15 1
2010/11 AC Omonia CYP A Katigoria 28 4
2011/12 AC Omonia CYP A Katigoria 16 1
2012/13 AC Omonia CYP A Katigoria 16 4

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