League of Ireland Premier Division - History


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Season Champions Runners-up Third Place Top goalscorer Player of the Year Teams Relegated UEFA coefficient
1921–85 League of Ireland
1985-86 Shamrock Rovers
(13th title)
Galway United Dundalk Tommy Gaynor (Limerick F.C.) (15) Paul Doolin (Shamrock Rovers) Shelbourne
24 (6.332)
1986-87 Shamrock Rovers
(14th title)
Dundalk Bohemians Mick Byrne (Shamrock Rovers) (12) Mick Byrne (Shamrock Rovers) Home Farm
Athlone Town
29 (5.665) −5
1987-88 Dundalk
(7th title)
St. Patrick's Athletic Bohemians Jonathan Speak (Derry City) (24) Paddy Dillon (St. Patrick's Athletic) Bray Wanderers
Sligo Rovers
30 (3.665) −1
1988-89 Derry City
(1st title)
Dundalk Limerick City Billy Hamilton (Limerick F.C.) (21) Paul Doolin (Derry City) Cobh Ramblers
Waterford United
31 (2.665) −1
1989-90 St. Patrick's Athletic
(4th title)
Derry City Dundalk Mark Ennis (St. Patrick's Athletic) (19) Mark Ennis (St. Patrick's Athletic) Drogheda United
31 (2.998)
1990-91 Dundalk
(8th title)
Cork City St. Patrick's Athletic Peter Hanrahan (Dundalk) (18) Pat Morley (Cork City) Waterford United
Limerick City
32 (1.332) −1
1991-92 Shelbourne
(8th title)
Derry City Cork City John Caulfield (Cork City) (16) Pat Fenlon (Bohemians) Athlone Town
Galway United
31 (1.999) +1
1992-93 Cork City
(2nd title)
Bohemians Shelbourne Pat Morley (Cork City) (20) Donal O'Brien (Derry City) Waterford United
Sligo Rovers
Bray Wanderers
31 (2.665)
1993-94 Shamrock Rovers
(15th title)
Cork City Galway United Stephen Geoghegan (Shamrock Rovers) (23) Stephen Geoghegan (Shamrock Rovers) Limerick F.C.
Drogheda United
32 (2.665) −1
1994-95 Dundalk
(9th title)
Derry City Shelbourne John Caulfield (Cork City) (16) Liam Coyle (Derry City) Cobh Ramblers
Monaghan United
33 (3.665) −1
1995-96 St. Patrick's Athletic
(5th title)
Bohemians Sligo Rovers Stephen Geoghegan (Shelbourne) (19) Eddie Gormley (St. Patrick's Athletic) Athlone Town
Drogheda United
Galway United
35 (4.665) −2
1996-97 Derry City
(2nd title)
Bohemians Shelbourne Tony Cousins (Shamrock Rovers) (16)
Stephen Geoghegan (Shelbourne) (16)
Peter Hutton (Derry City) Bray Wanderers
Home Farm Everton
37 (4.331) −2
1997-98 St. Patrick's Athletic
(6th title)
Shelbourne Cork City Stephen Geoghegan (Shelbourne) (17) Pat Scully (Shelbourne) Kilkenny City
Drogheda United
43 (4.331) −6
1998-99 St. Patrick's Athletic
(7th title)
Cork City Shelbourne Trevor Molloy (St. Patrick's Athletic) (15) Paul Osam (St. Patrick's Athletic) Bray Wanderers
44 (3.998) −1
1999-00 Shelbourne
(9th title)
Cork City Bohemians Pat Morley (Cork City) (20) Pat Fenlon (Shelbourne) Waterford United
Sligo Rovers
Drogheda United
41 (1.832) +3
2000-01 Bohemians
(8th title)
Shelbourne Cork City Glen Crowe (Bohemians) (25) Glen Crowe (Bohemians) Finn Harps
Kilkenny City
41 (1.665)
2001-02 Shelbourne
(10th title)
Shamrock Rovers St. Patrick's Athletic Glen Crowe (Bohemians) (21) Owen Heary (Shelbourne) Dundalk
Galway United
Monaghan United
38 (2.998) +3
2002-03 Bohemians
(9th title)
Shelbourne Shamrock Rovers Glen Crowe (Bohemians) (18) Glen Crowe (Bohemians) Bray Wanderers 37 (3.331) +1
2003 Shelbourne
(11th title)
Bohemians Cork City Jason Byrne (Shelbourne) (21) Jason Byrne (Shelbourne) UCD 39 (3.331) −2
2004 Shelbourne
(12th title)
Cork City Bohemians Jason Byrne (Shelbourne) (25) Jason Byrne (Shelbourne) Dublin City 40 (3.164) −1
2005 Cork City
(2nd title)
Derry City Shelbourne Jason Byrne (Shelbourne) (22) Mark Farren (Derry City) Shamrock Rovers
Finn Harps
38 (4.164) +2
2006 Shelbourne
(13th title)
Derry City Drogheda United Jason Byrne (Shelbourne) (15) Joseph Ndo (Shelbourne) Shelbournea 40 (4.331) −2
2007 Drogheda United
(1st title)
St Patrick's Athletic Bohemians David Mooney (Longford Town) (19) Brian Shelley (Drogheda United) Waterford United
Longford Town
35 (6.498) +5
2008 Bohemians
(10th title)
St Patrick's Athletic Derry City Mark Farren (Derry City) (16) Keith Fahey (St. Patrick's Athletic) Finn Harps
Cobh Ramblers
35 (7.332)
2009 Bohemians
(11th title)
Shamrock Rovers Cork City Gary Twigg (Shamrock Rovers) (24) Gary Twigg (Shamrock Rovers) Cork City
Derry Cityb
30 (9.499) +5
2010 Shamrock Rovers
(16th title)
Bohemians Sligo Rovers Gary Twigg (Shamrock Rovers) (20) Richie Ryan (Sligo Rovers) Sporting Fingalc 29 (9.541) +1
2011 Shamrock Rovers
(17th title)
Sligo Rovers Derry City Éamon Zayed (Derry City) (22) Éamon Zayed (Derry City) Galway United 31 (8.708) −2
2012 Sligo Rovers
(3rd title)
Drogheda United St Patrick's Athletic Gary Twigg (Shamrock Rovers) (22) Mark Quigley (Sligo Rovers) Monaghan Unitedd 33 (7.375) -2

a: Relegated by the Independent Assessment Group due to financial problems
b: Both clubs were demoted due to financial problems
c: As per rules, Drogheda United were to be relegated. This did not occur due to the closure of Sporting Fingal
d: Withdrew during season, due to financial reasons

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