Leader of The Opposition (South Australia) - List of Leaders of The Opposition in South Australia

List of Leaders of The Opposition in South Australia

The following is a list of Leaders of the Opposition in South Australia, from 1884 to present. According to the official parliament record, prior to the year 1884 "no definite evidence of the official holder of the office could be found".

No Leader Party Period in office
1 John Colton 1884
2 John Cox Bray 1884
3 John Downer 1885
4 Jenkin Coles 1886
5 Thomas Playford II 1887
- John Downer (2nd time) 1887–1889
6 John Cockburn 1889
- Thomas Playford II (2nd time) 1889–1890
7 Frederick Holder liberalism 1890–1892
- John Downer (3rd time) conservatism 1893–1895
8 William Copley conservatism 1896
- John Downer (4th time) conservatism 1897–1899
9 Vaiben Louis Solomon conservatism 1899
- Frederick Holder (2nd time) liberalism 1899
- Vaiben Louis Solomon (2nd time) conservatism 1899–1901
10 Robert Homburg, senior conservatism 1901–1902
11 John Darling, junior conservatism 1902–1904
12 Thomas Price Labor 1904–1905
13 Richard Butler conservatism 1905–1909
14 John Verran Labor 1909–1910
15 Archibald Peake Liberal Union 1910–1912
- John Verran (2nd time) Labor 1912–1913
16 Crawford Vaughan Labor 1913–1915
- Archibald Peake (2nd time) Liberal Union 1915–1917
- Crawford Vaughan (2nd time) NLP 1917
17 Andrew Kirkpatrick Labor 1917–1918
18 John Gunn Labor 1918–1924
19 Henry Barwell Liberal Union 1924–1925
20 Richard L. Butler Liberal Federation 1925–1927
21 Lionel Hill Labor 1927–1930
- Richard L. Butler (2nd time) Liberal Federation/LCL 1930–1933
22 Andrew Lacey Labor 1933–1938
23 Robert Richards Labor 1938–1949
24 Mick O'Halloran Labor 1949–1960
25 Frank Walsh Labor 1960–1965
26 Thomas Playford IV LCL 1965–1966
27 Steele Hall LCL 1966–1968
28 Don Dunstan Labor 1968–1970
- Steele Hall (2nd time) LCL 1970–1972
29 Bruce Eastick LCL/Liberal 1972–1975
30 David Tonkin Liberal 1975–1979
31 John Bannon Labor 1979–1982
32 John Olsen Liberal 1982–1990
33 Dale Baker Liberal 1990–1992
34 Dean Brown Liberal 1992–1993
35 Lynn Arnold Labor 1993–1994
36 Mike Rann Labor 1994–2002
37 Rob Kerin Liberal 2002–2006
38 Iain Evans Liberal 2006–2007
39 Martin Hamilton-Smith Liberal 2007–2009
40 Isobel Redmond Liberal 2009–2013
41 Steven Marshall Liberal 2013–present

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