LCN can refer to:

  • Lincoln Central railway station, whose station code is LCN
  • Library of Congress Number. Accession number for the United States library.
  • The London Centre for Nanotechnology, a nanotechnology research institute in London, England
  • Load Classification Number, also known as the Pavement Classification Number, a measure of the bearing strength of an airport runway
  • Logical channel number (also known as virtual channel in North America), channel numbers used on radio and television sets to change channel
  • La Cosa Nostra, the Italian mafia in the United States
  • La Coka Nostra, a hiphop music group
  • Le Canal Nouvelles, a television channel in Quebec, Canada
  • Low copy number, a DNA profiling technique

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... The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the lipocalin family ... Lipocalins are a group of extracellular proteins that are able to bind lipophiles by enclosure within their structures to minimize solvent contact ...
Low Copy Number - Criticism
... A FSS spokesman said "LCN DNA analysis is only carried out by the most-experienced DNA scientists, who have undergone special additional training and ... of the criticisms the judge leveled at LCN was that although the FSS had internally validated and published scientific papers on the technique, there ... CPS stating that it had not seen anything to suggest that any current problems exist with LCN" ...
Houma, Louisiana - Mass Media
... The statewide TV network LCN-TV produces original Louisiana programming which showcases Louisiana's entertainment, culture, talent and industry ... LCN-TV is delivered to all media distributors ... Debuted in 2007, LCN-TV continues to produce Louisiana TV shows for the U.S ...