Laugh Now, Cry Later - Track Listing

Track Listing

# Title Producer Featured performers Time
1 "Definition of a West Coast G' " 0:14
2 "Why We Thugs" Scott Storch 3:45
3 "Smoke Some Weed" Bud'da 3:46
4 "Dimes & Nicks (A Call from Mike Epps)" 1:06
5 "Child Support" Hallway Productionz 4:01
6 "2 Decades Ago " Sketch 0:14
7 "Doin' What It 'Pose 2Do" Emile 4:07
8 "Laugh Now, Cry Later" Sean "Sean C" Cane of The Hitmen 3:36
9 "Stop Snitchin'" Swizz Beatz 3:15
10 "Go to Church" Lil Jon Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon 4:00
11 "The Nigga Trapp" DJ Green Lantern 3:48
12 "A History of Violence " 1:09
13 "Growin' Up" Laylaw & D-Mac 3:53
14 "Click, Clack - Get Back!" Emile 3:09
15 "The Game Lord" Hallway Productionz 4:09
16 "Chrome & Paint" Bud'da WC 3:27
17 "Steal the Show" Scott Storch 4:12
18 "You Gotta Lotta That" Lil Jon Snoop Dogg 4:06
19 "Spittin' Pollaseeds" Laylaw & D-Mac WC, Kokane 5:04
20 "Holla @ Cha Boy" Lil Jon 3:30
* "Pockets Stay Fat" DJ Green Lantern Lil Scrappy 3:55
* "Run" 3:53
* "Dick Tease" Hallway Productionz Fatman Scoop 4:02
* "Race Card" Warren G 3:27

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