Lateral Wall

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Surgical Précis For Rhinoplasty - Surgical Techniques
... If the defect is in the lateral aspect of the nose, the pedicle is based medially ... An ideal location for the second flap is along the junction of the nasal dorsum and the lateral nasal wall ... nasolabial flap is a random flap that is emplaced with the proximal (near) portion resting upon the lateral wall of the nose, and the distal (far) portion resting upon the cheek, which contains ...
Hypothalamic Sulcus
... sulcus (sulcus of Monro) is a groove in lateral wall of third ventricle, marking the boundary between the thalamus and hypothalamus ... The upper and lower portions of the lateral wall of the third ventricle correspond to the alar lamina and basal lamina, respectively, of the lateral wall of the fore-brain vesicle and ...
Orbit (anatomy) - Definition
... Each consists of a base, an apex and four walls ... margin maxilla and zygomatic Medial margin frontal, lacrimal and maxilla Lateral margin zygomatic and frontal The apex lies near the medial end of superior orbital fissure ... The roof (superior wall) is formed primarily by the orbital plate frontal bone, and also the lesser wing of sphenoid near the apex of the orbit ...

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