Late Neolithic Period

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Chinaware - Gallery - Early Wares
... Water jar from the Neolithic period, Yangshao culture (ca. 5000 - 3000 BC) Painted jar of the Majiayao culture, Late Neolithic period (3300 - 2200 BC) Painted pot with frog motifs, Majiayao culture (2200 - 2000 BC. 2000 BC) Large grey mug, Henan Longshan culture, Late Neolithic period (ca ...
Late Chinese Empire - Prehistory - Neolithic
... See also List of Neolithic cultures of China The Neolithic age in China can be traced back to about 10,000 BC ... In late Neolithic times, the Yellow River valley began to establish itself as a center of Yangshao culture (5000 BC to 3000 BC), and the first villages were founded the most ... history of China is obscured by the lack of written documents from this period, coupled with the existence of later accounts that attempted to describe events that had occurred several centuries ...
Neolithic - List of Cultures and Sites
... given for a rough estimate consult each culture for specific pie time periods ... Early Neolithic Periodization The Levant 10,000 to 8500 BC Europe 5000 to 4000 BC Elsewhere varies greatly, depending on region ... Dudeşti culture Franchthi Cave people Earliest European Neolithic site 20th to 3rd millennium BC Sesclo village culture Starcevo-Criş culture (also known as the Starčevo-Körös-Criş culture) Middle ...
List Of Food Origins - Middle East - Neolithic Founder Crops
... The Neolithic founder crops (or primary domesticates) are the eight plant species that were domesticated by early Holocene (Pre-Pottery Neolithic A and Pre-Pottery Neolithic B) farming ... of a domesticated plant species), it was an insignificant in the Neolithic Period of southwest Asia and only became common with the spread of farming into northern Europe several millennia later ...
Stone-Age Poland - Neolithic - Late Neolithic Arrivals From Eastern and Western Regions of Europe
... sea resources and lasted in parallel with their mother culture for a comparable period of time ... the few people who formed during the 2500-1900 BCE period the Bell-Beaker culture ...

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