Late Ming

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Ming Dynasty - Science and Technology
... Compared to the flourishing of science and technology in the Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty perhaps saw fewer advancements in science and technology compared to the pace of discovery in ... In fact, key advances in Chinese science in the late Ming were spurred by contact with Europe ... in 1634 the Chongzhen Emperor acquired the telescope of the late Johann Schreck (1576–1630) ...
Chinese Swords - Sword Types
... Changdao Ming Dynasty (simplified Chinese 长刀 traditional Chinese 長刀), literally meaning "long knife," was a type of anti-cavalry sword used in China ... It is named Guandao after the famous late general Guan Yu from Romance of three kingdom ... commonly used as a military sidearm for both cavalry and infantry during the Ming and Qing dynasties ...
History Of Martial Arts - East Asia - China - Late Ming
... The modern concepts of wushu emerge by the late Ming to early Qing dynasties (16th to 17th centuries) ... References of martial arts practice in Shaolin appear in various literary genres of the late Ming the epitaphs of Shaolin warrior monks, martial-arts manuals ... that others criticized the techniques, Ming General Yu Dayou visited the Temple and was not impressed with what he saw, he recruited three monks who he would train for few years ...

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