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A. J. Pollard - Select Publications
... Britnell) McFarlane Legacy Studies in Late Medieval Politics and Society ... Stroud Sutton (1995) ISBN 0-7509-0626-X Late Medieval England ... ISBN 0-582-03134-6 Imagining Robin Hood The Late-Medieval Stories in Historical Context ...
... The earliest forms are seen in late Viking swords, and it becomes a standard feature of the Norman sword of the 11th century and of the knightly arming sword throughout the high and late medieval period ... A feature of such late medieval forms is the cusp or écusson, a protrusion of the crossguard in the center where it is fitted on the blade ... Ewart Oakeshott in chapter 4 of his The Sword in the Age of Chivalry (1964) classifies medieval cross-guards into twelve types a plain horizontal bar, tapering towards the end ...
Circumcision Of Jesus - Depictions in Art
... Medieval pilgrims to the Holy Land were told Jesus had been circumcised in the church at Bethlehem ... of Christ's penis in art, which he argues became a new focus of attention in late medieval art, initially covered only by a transparent veil in the early 14th century, and by the second half of the century ... Other late medieval and Renaissance depictions of circumcision in general show antipathy towards Judaism caricatures show the procedure as being grotesquely cruel and the mohel as a ...
Book Of Common Prayer - History - Prayer Books of Edward VI
... This represented a radical change from late medieval practice—whereby the primary focus of congregational worship was taken to be attendance at the consecration, and adoration of the elevated Consecrated Host ... In late medieval England, congregations regularly received Communion only at Easter and otherwise individual lay people might expect to receive Communion ... of prayer to be used by the Laity, thus replacing both the late medieval lay observation of the Latin Hours of the Virgin, and its English equivalent, the Primer ...

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    The medieval town, with frieze
    Of boy scouts from Nagoya?
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    Lancaster bore him such a little town,
    Such a great man. It doesn’t see him often
    Of late years, though he keeps the old homestead
    And sends the children down there with their mother
    To run wild in the summer a little wild.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)