Late-May 1998 Tornado Outbreak and Derecho - Confirmed Tornadoes - May 30 South Dakota Event

May 30 South Dakota Event

List of confirmed tornadoes
Time (UTC)
Path length
South Dakota
F0 W of Lake Preston Kingsbury 0002 unknown First tornado touchdown. Short-lived with no damage.
F1 NW of Fulton Hanson 0008 2 miles
(3.2 km)
This was a fairly large and dusty tornado that affected mostly open ground in rural areas. It was the first tornado of the tornado family generated by the supercell that produced the Spencer tornado.
F2 NE of Fulton Hanson 0016 6 miles
(9.6 km)
Large tornado that produced minor damage, mostly remaining in open fields and trees. This was the second tornado of the Spencer tornado family.
F4 Spencer area Hanson, McCook 0026 14 miles
(23 km)
6 deaths - See section on this tornado
F1 SE of Alexandria Hanson 0055 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Tornado not related to the Spencer tornado family; it formed on a rear flank downdraft (RFD) of the Spencer supercell and tracked roughly to the south of that storm. Multiple major tornadoes from these two supercells were often ongoing and visible simultaneously. This tornado resulted in moderate damage to crops and several buildings.
F2 S of Salem McCook 0056 6 miles
(9.6 km)
Large tornado that resulted in significant damage to numerous farm buildings and houses, as well as extensive power line and crop damage. This too was a very large and strong tornado incurring about $1.0 million in damages to farm property, power lines, and crops. Tornado was 700 yards (640 m) wide.
F1 W of Emery Hanson 0101 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Related to the Alexandria tornado. Minor damage reported.
F1 W of Canistota Hanson 0107 1 miles
(1.6 km)
Final tornado from the Spencer tornado family. Significant damage reported to one farm.
F0 E of Emery Hanson 0110 unknown
F1 E of Monroe Turner 0125 1 mile
(1.6 km)
Moderate property damage reported.

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