Last-minute Goal

The term "last-minute goal" is used in sport, primarily association football, to describe a goal scored very late in a game. It may not necessarily refer to a goal scored in the actual final minute (last minute goal). In football, the definition of a last-minute goal commonly used is one scored in the final or penultimate minute of normal or extra time or in stoppage time at the end of a match. The "golden goal" briefly used to decide extra time in some tournaments is not considered a last-minute goal unless meeting the above criteria. Penalties scored in a shootout are never considered last-minute goals.

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Last-minute Goal - In Fiction
... The last-minute goal is often used in fiction due to the dramatic nature and possibility for a cliffhanger ending ... drama Dream Team, with the show finishing at the end of its final series on a fictional last-minute goal for Harchester United to win the Premier League ... The real-life last-minute goal, scored by Michael Thomas, was used as a plot device in the novel Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby and subsequent films of the same name ...

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