Larne High School

Larne High School is a secondary school in Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The foundation stone on the High School site was laid on 26 July 1955, and the school opened in September 1957. It was then known as Greenland Intermediate Secondary School and was the first of its type in County Antrim. It had just over five hundred pupils and a staff of forty. Today pupils range from the age of eleven to eighteen, and can sit exams at Key Stage 3, GCSE, GNVQ and A-levelThe school divides its pupils into learning capabilities which makes it easier for students to learn at their own time and pace and it also makes teachers more aware of who is able to do what and who needs help. The uniform colours are navy,light blue(for girls and 6th form boys and girls)white(for boys),the school crest is presented in yellow on the front pocket of the blazer.

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