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List Of Minor-planet Groups - The Asteroid Belt
... The largest member is 4 Vesta ... The largest member is Ceres ... The largest member is 10 Hygiea ...
Local Group - Component Galaxies - Galactic Bodies
... notes Andromeda Galaxy (M31, NGC 224) SA(s)b Andromeda Largest member of the group, recently (2006) discovered to also be a barred spiral ... Milky Way SBbc n/a Second largest, though possibly most massive galaxy in the group ... Triangulum Galaxy (M33, NGC 598) SA(s)cd Triangulum Third largest, only unbarred spiral galaxy and possible satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy ...
William Jardine (merchant) - Death and Legacy
... a steady stream of visitors from family members, business partners, political associates and his constituents ... and most powerful men in Britain and a respected Member of Parliament ... No other member of the Matheson family became active in the firm after Percival, though another nephew, Donald Matheson, served as director ...

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    When committees gather, each member is necessarily an actor, uncontrollably acting out the part of himself, reading the lines that identify him, asserting his identity.... We are designed, coded, it seems, to place the highest priority on being individuals, and we must do this first, at whatever cost, even if it means disability for the group.
    Lewis Thomas (b. 1913)

    Because it is in the nature of things that they become extreme, we have passed down from manliness to cruelty. If I had been told when I was 20 that there was a tavern in the town where the brave and the cruel were gathered together, I would have run all the way and I would have gone up to the largest and leatheriest of the denizens and said: “If you truly love me, kill the bartender.”
    Quentin Crisp (b. 1908)