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New Lardil

While very few speakers of Lardil in its traditional form remain, Norvin Richards and Kenneth Hale both worked with some speakers of a “New Lardil” in the 1990s which displays significant morphological attrition compared to the Old variety. Previously minor sentence forms in which the object of a verb takes nominative case have become generalized, even in instances where the verb is in future tense (objects of future verbs historically inflected for futurity). One of a number of negation patterns has become generalized, and the augmented forms of monosyllabic verb roots reinterpreted as base forms.

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Lardil Language
... Lardil (also spelled Leerdil or Leertil) is a moribund language spoken on Mornington Island (Kunhanha), in the Wellesley Islands of Queensland in northern Australia ... Lardil is unusual among Australian languages in that it features a ceremonial register, called Damin (also Demiin) ... Damin is regarded by Lardil speakers as a separate language, and possesses the only phonological system outside Africa to use click consonants ...