Lank may refer to:

  • Barry Lank (born 1960), American comedian, journalist, and former writer at Air America Radio.
  • Edith Lank, American author and advice columnist living
  • Jeff Lank (born 1975), Canadian retired professional ice hockey player
  • Lank, Cornwall, a hamlet in Cornwall, United Kingdom

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2010 United States Olympic Curling Trials - Women - Playoffs
... McCormick 2 ... Amy Wright 1 ... Debbie McCormick 2 ... Amy Wright 3 ... Patti Lank 3 ... Patti Lank 3 ... Patti Lank 4 ... Erika Brown 5 ...
American Ace - Publication History - Lieutenant Lank
... The Arrow #2, under the name "Lieutenant Lank." Perry's last name was changed to "Wade" and the story had him shoot it out in the skies against Ursula's men ... Centaur Publications then published a 6 page story Lieutenant Lank in Amazing Mystery Funnies 24 ... When his plane is destroyed, and he is captured by Queen Ursula, Lank escapes in one of the Queen's tanks and makes it back to his lines, but not before Lank spanks Queen Ursula after Queen ...
Lank Rigg - Topography
... Lank Rigg is the highest of the group of fells at the extremity of the southern arm ... Beyond this stand the fells of the Lank Rigg group, the final high country within the National Park ... the westward line of the ridge, whilst Lank Rigg itself stands to the south across the head of the River Calder ...
Barry Lank
... Barry Lank (born 1960) is a comedian, journalist, and political writer ... Lank was born in Diamond Bar, California in June, 1960, the first person born there after the area converted from cattle ranchland to a residential development ... comedian in San Francisco in 1982, and three years later formed the comedy team "Lank and Earl" with his high school friend Jim Earl ...

Famous quotes containing the word lank:

    Lincoln, six feet one in his stocking feet,
    The lank man, knotty and tough as a hickory rail,
    Whose hands were always too big for white-kid gloves,
    Whose wit was a coonskin sack of dry, tall tales,
    Whose weathered face was homely as a plowed field.
    Stephen Vincent Benét (1898–1943)

    After that came commencement day—that great day for which all other days were made. And it went. And that night I felt of myself all over, and to my astonishment, I found ‘twas the same old Rud. Not a single cubit added to my stature; not a hair’s breadth to my girth. If anything, on the contrary, I felt more lank and gaunt than common, much as if a load were off my stomach.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    The horn, the hounds, the lank mares coursing by
    Under quaint archetypes of chivalry;
    And the fox, lovely ritualist, in flight
    Offering his unearthly ghost to quarry;
    John Crowe Ransom (1888–1974)