Basnet (Nepali: वस्नेत) is the surname of a particular Hindu family of Nepal. The Basnet or Basnyat family is considered one of the original noble courtier Bhardar families of the country. The Basnets are from the Kshatriya or Chhetri caste or varna. They are believed to be of Indo-Aryan and Indo-European origins and it is said that they migrated into western Nepal during the Indo-Aryan invasion of Nepal by the Khas people. According to history of Nepal, there were three major helping castes of the king who were favored i.e. the major Gorkhali warriors. They were Basnet(Basnyat), Thapa, & Pande. These three clans used to compete among themselves.

There are five different branches of Basnets in Nepal:

  • The Shreepali (Sripali)Jumli Basnets of Gorkha.
  • The Khaptari (Khaptadi) Basnet of Khaptad.
  • The Khaptari (Khaptadi) Basnet.
  • The Khulal Basnets.
  • The Lamichhane Basnet .

These days, the surname Basnyat or Basnet is used interchangeably by all the clans.

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