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Plot Overview

Lambo is introduced as an annoying crybaby assassin after Reborn. Soon after he starts living with him and Tsuna Sawada. His future self appears several times during the series, and protects Haru along with I-pin when Haru is used as hostage by the Kokuyo Gang who were fighting Tsuna and his friend. When the Varia want their boss, Xanxus, become the Vongola's tenth boss, Lambo is chosen to be Tsuna's Vongola lightning guardian by Iemitsu Sawada. As part of the fights between the Varia and the Vongola, Lambo faces up against Leviathan. Lambo soon finds the match too much for him, so he jumps into the Ten-Year Bazooka and then again in adult form, revealing the 10-year-old Lambo. Leviathan easily beats him, too, so he jumps into the ten year bazzoka to reveal 25-year-old Lambo. The 25-year-old Lambo nearly beats Leviathan but is switched with the 5-year-old Lambo as his 5 minutes was up. Before being killed by Leviathan, the match is interrupted by Tsuna who loses his and Lambo's ring. Despite ending seriously injured, Lambo is forced to participate in the last fight between the Vongola and the Varia, in which he is protected by the Vongola guardian Hayato Gokudera. After the Vongola's victory, Lambo recovers from his wounds.

A short time later Lambo is transported to the future during the time the Millefiore Family is annihilating the Vongola. After Tsuna and his friends attack the Millefiore's Melone Base, Lambo infiltrate the Melone Base as back up along with Chrome Dokuro, I-Pin, and Tetsuya Kusakabe. After leaving the Melone Base, Lambo is trained by Gokudera in the use of rings and boxes to prepare for the fight against the Millefiore's guardians.

After returning to the present, Lambo joins Tsuna, Gokudera and Ryohei in facing the Shimon Family who had destroyed the Vongola Rings (which are remodelled by Talbot into the Vongola Gear) and kidnapped Chrome. When he goes up against Shimon Guardian Rauji Oyama, Lambo's desire to have Rauji play with him provides the flame energy needed to create his Vongola Gear, the Vongola Helmet Ver. X. When Rauji starts attacking, Lambo swaps with his future self and uses the Vongola Gear to fight against him. And thus defeated him with a new attack "ironhorn electrico".

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