Lambda Calculus - Formal Definition - Free and Bound Variables

Free and Bound Variables

The abstraction operator, λ, is said to bind its variable wherever it occurs in the body of the abstraction. Variables that fall within the scope of a lambda are said to be bound. All other variables are called free. For example in the following expression y is a bound variable and x is free: λy.x x y. Also note that a variable binds to its "nearest" lambda. In the following expression one single occurrence of x is bound by the second lambda: λx.yx.z x)

The set of free variables of a lambda expression, M, is denoted as FV(M) and is defined by recursion on the structure of the terms, as follows:

  1. FV(x) = {x}, where x is a variable
  2. FV(λx.M) = FV(M) {x}
  3. FV(M N) = FV(M) ∪ FV(N)

An expression that contains no free variables is said to be closed. Closed lambda expressions are also known as combinators and are equivalent to terms in combinatory logic.

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