Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

The Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area is a national marine conservation area on the north shore of Lake Superior, announced by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on October 25, 2007 at a press conference in Nipigon, Ontario. Although there have been previous national marine parks, this is the first area in Canada to be designated as a "National Marine Conservation Area", as defined by the Marine Conservation Areas Act. It is the largest freshwater marine protected area in the world.

The area extends 140 kilometres (87 mi) eastward from Thunder Bay, from Thunder Cape in the west, at the tip of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, to Bottle Point in the east, and stretches southward to the Canada-US border, linking with Isle Royale National Park. It also anchors existing protected areas to the north, including the Nipigon River, Lake Nipigon, and the Wabakimi Provincial Park.

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Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area - History
... Historic shipwrecks lie on the seabed of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, including the Gunilda at Rossport ... The shores have two areas of First Nation pictographs and Sibley Peninsula has archaeological sites from Paleoindian, archaic, and woodland settlements ...

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