Lake Elkhorn

Lake Elkhorn is a 37-acre (150,000 m2) reservoir located in the Owen Brown area of Columbia, Maryland. It is surrounded by a park and townhouses. The lake, which was built in 1974, is named for the Elkhorn branch of the Little Patuxent River. It is Columbia's third and largest lake. Its main features are a small dam and a park with a picnic pavilion and a two-mile (3 km) walking path around the lake. The path was built in 1982.

The lake is overseen by the Columbia Association. The lake's location behind a large number of townhouses, though considered an attractive feature to homeowners, has raised concern following the drowning of a small child on September 2, 2005. A movement was started soon after to erect a fence around the lake, but the community was split over this need, and a consultant concluded a fence was not necessary.

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