Laish may refer to:

  • Dan (biblical city)
  • The father of Palti, son of Laish.
  • Laish, Uzbekistan
  • Laish, (band)

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Micah's Idol - Textual Analysis
... The text has many doublets Laish is described as peaceful, unmilitarised, and impractically allied to just the Sidonians in both and 187 and 1827-28 it is stated ... his neighbours pursue the Danites but are dissuaded from fighting the Danites reach Laish, a fertile region, and weakly protected city, attack the population, and burn the city Laish is rebuilt and ... house and recognise the voice of the Levite The scouts report back that Laish is surrounded by a fertile region, and is a weakly protected city, so the Danites decide to ...
Willkommen Collective - Members of The Collective
... with Sons of Noel and Adrian, Redwood Red, Laish and The Climbers Marcus Hamblett - guitar/mandolin/banjo/tenor horn with Laura Marling, as well as playing various instruments live and/or on ... Dadd, Rozi Plain, Broken Social Scene, The Mariner's Children, Alessi's Ark, Tristram and Laish ... Green - drums and vocals with Sons of Noel and Adrian, guitar and vocals with Laish, has also played live with Laura Marling, Shoreline, Curly Hair and more ...
Micah's Idol - Biblical Narrative
... of the tribe of Dan, the scouts told them about Laish, an unmilitarised town in fertile land that was allied with the Sidonians but was too remote for the Sidonians to be able to ... Tribe of Dan consequently sent 600 warriors to attack Laish, and during their journey passed Micah's house, which the five scouts then told them about ... The warriors eventually reached Laish, which they put to the sword and burnt to the ground ...