Lai Junchen

Lai Junchen (Chinese: 來俊臣) (died April 28, 697) was a secret police official during the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty, whose ability to interrogate and falsely implicate officials of crimes made him a subject of fear and hatred. In 697, he was accused of plotting to falsely accuse Wu Zetian's sons and other family members of treason, and he was executed.

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Lai Junchen - Second Stint As Secret Police Official
... In 696, Lai Junchen was recalled to then-capital Luoyang to serve as the sheriff of Hegong County (合宮), one of the two counties making up Luoyang ... Ji relayed the plot to Lai, and had Lai submit a secret report of it ... Lai, wanting to monopolize the rewards for reporting this plot, was prepared to falsely accuse Ji of crimes as well, but Ji found this out and submitted a secret ...
Shi Wuzi
... In 691, the assistant imperial censor Lai Zixun (來子珣) falsely accused the official Liu Xinggan (劉行感), his brothers Liu Xingshi (劉行實) and Liu Xingyu (劉行瑜), and nephew Liu Qiantong (劉虔通) of ... Wu Zetian put Shi and her secret police official Lai Junchen in charge of the investigations ... Afterwards, Lai Junchen reported to Wu Zetian that Shi was trying to absolve the Lius ...

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