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Laguna Canyon and its side tributaries have received some man-made flood control modifications. These include debris basins at the mouth of nearly every major tributary, stretches of lined or unlined flood control channels, and other structures. The debris basins, sometimes called retention basins, are circular depressions constructed by the Orange County Flood Control Division to slow down flash floods. The upper Laguna Canyon area has a few flood control channels and the lower creek is encased entirely in one; this begins as a riprap channel with an unlined bottom, which transitions to a concrete culvert.

There are few developments within the main canyon, although the El Toro Creek area is primarily residential. There is also some commercial development downstream of State Route 73. Notably, where the creek passes through Laguna Beach, the concrete channel is undersized for the creek's peak flow, which caused it to overflow in the late 1990s.

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