Laghuu Language - Distribution


Laghuu is spoken in the following locations by a total of about 1,000 people (Edmondson 1999).

  • Lào Cai Province
    • Văn Bàn District
    • Bảo Thắng District
    • Bát Xát District
      • A Lù
    • Sa Pa District
      • Nậm Sài
    • Cam Đường (near Lào Cai city)
  • Yên Bái Province
    • Văn Yên
  • Sơn La Province
    • Thuần Giáo

The Vietnam, Laghuu speakers are officially classified as part of the Phù Lá ethnic group. Some Laghuu are known as "Black Phu La," and others as "Flowery Phu La."

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