Laelius is a personal name and can refer to:

  • Gaius Laelius, a Roman statesman, who was consul in 190 BC and friend of Scipio Africanus
  • Gaius Laelius Sapiens (consul of 140 BC), a Roman statesman, son of the above, who was consul in 140 BC, and was friend to Scipio's adoptive grandson Scipio Aemilianus
  • Laelius de Amicitia, a philosophical dialog by Cicero on friendship, which is based on the second Gaius Laelius and his relationships with various great men
  • Decimus Laelius (tribune of the plebs 54 BC), one of the prosecutors Cicero opposed in the defense speech Pro Flacco
  • Laelius Socinus, a 16th Century Humanist and Reformer
  • Sir Robert Pipon Marett, a Jersey poet who used the pen name Laelius

Other articles related to "laelius":

Decimus Laelius - Later Career
... Laelius was a consistent Pompeian supporter ... As tribune in 54 BC, Laelius gave support to Aulus Gabinius, another Pompeian associate, when he was prosecuted and convicted by Memmius ... During the civil war, Laelius recruited for Pompeius in Syria and Asia ...
Gaius Laelius - Political Career
... Scipio's influence however did not serve to win Laelius the consulship in 192 BC ... One version has Laelius himself nobly offering the Senate the choice instead of the traditional drawing of lots to decide the allocation of provinces ... Laelius's decision, if this version is correct, was a triumph of friendship, but not for his personal finances ...
Decimus Laelius - Prosecuting Flaccus
... Laelius appears to have had a strong and well-presented case, and yet “ The more conscientiously Laelius performed his duties as prosecutor, the more Cicero ... ” Laelius presented the Greek and Jewish witnesses at the trial, while his co-counsel, C ... One of the accusations brought by Laelius was that Flaccus had tried to bribe Decianus ...
Gaius Laelius Sapiens
... Gaius Laelius G.f ... Gaius Laelius G.f ... Sapiens was the son and heir of the Punic war general Gaius Laelius himself consul in 190 BC ...