Laboratory Testing

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Bubonic Plague - Laboratory Testing
... Laboratory testing is required in order to diagnose and confirm plague ... Ideally, confirmation is through the identification of Y ...
Classification - Rome Process For Diagnosing IBS
... Physicians rely on a variety of procedures and laboratory tests to confirm a diagnosis ... these positive criteria, patients have initial laboratory testing with a complete blood count, basic chemistry panel, and an erythrocyte sedimentation rate ... and physical exam do not suggest any other cause, and initial laboratory testing is negative ...
Self-serving Bias - Methods - Laboratory Testing
... Investigations of the self-serving bias in the laboratory differ depending on the experimental goals, but have basic fundamental aspects ...

Famous quotes containing the words testing and/or laboratory:

    Today so much rebellion is aimless and demoralizing precisely because children have no values to challenge. Teenage rebellion is a testing process in which young people try out various values in order to make them their own. But during those years of trial, error, embarrassment, a child needs family standards to fall back on, reliable habits of thought and feeling that provide security and protection.
    Neil Kurshan (20th century)

    The best work of artists in any age is the work of innocence liberated by technical knowledge. The laboratory experiments that led to the theory of pure color equipped the impressionists to paint nature as if it had only just been created.
    Nancy Hale (b. 1908)