La Academia - International Version

International Version

Country Title Season Network
Mexico La Acedemia 10 Azteca TV
United States La Academia USA 1 Azteca TV US
Malaysia Akademi Fantasia 9 Astro Ria
Indonesia Akademi Fantasi Indosiar 6 Indosiar
Thailand True Academy Fantasia 9 True Visions
United Kingdom Fame Academy 2 BBC
Singapore Sunsilk Academy Fantasia 1 StarHub TV
Region Local name Channel Winner Main Presenters
Indonesia Akademi Fantasi Indosiar Indosiar

Season 1, 2002: Veri Affandi
Season 2, 2003: Theodora Meilani Setyawati
Season 3, 2004: Putu Sutha Natawijaya
Season 4, 2005: Ade Alfonso
Season 5, 2006: Tri Widi Nugroho
Season 6, 2011:

Trie Utami
Hetty Koes Endang
Harry Roesli
Rieka Roeslan
Hedy Yunus
Melly Goeslaw
Pongki Jikustik

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