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The Descendants of Santanu

Those old men that were touched by this monarch not only felt an indescribable sensation of pleasure but also became restored to youth. Therefore, this monarch was called Santanu. Santanu married a maiden living in the vicinity of Ganges, who bore him a son Devavrata who was afterwards called Bhishma. Bhishma, moved by the desire of doing good to his father, got Santanu married to Satyavati who was also called Gandhakali. In her maidenhood she had a son by Parasara, named Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa. Upon her Santanu begat two other sons named Chitrangada and Vichitravirya. Before they attained to majority, Chitrangada had been slain by the Gandharvas. Vichitravirya became king, and married the two daughters of the king of Kasi, named Ambika and Ambalika. But Vichitravirya died childless.

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