Kotelny Island

Kotelny Island (Russian: Остров Котельный, Sakha: Олгуйдаах арыы) is part of the Anzhu Islands subgroup of the New Siberian Islands located between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea in the Russian Arctic. It is administratively and municipally part of Bulunsky District (Russian: Булунский улу́с; Sakha: Булуҥ улууһа).

Kotelny, Faddeyevsky and Bunge Land are usually named as separate islands on most 20th century maps, although sometimes on the newest maps the name "Kotelny" is applied to the whole island. A flat, low-lying, plain connecting both is known as Bunge Land (Земля Бунге).

The total area of Kotelny Island is 23,165 km². Kotelny is one of the 50 largest islands in the world. These merged islands are a practically uninhabited territory belonging to the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) of the Russian Federation.

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... Part of the action of Jules Verne's novel César Cascabel (1890), takes place on Kotelny Island ... There the European protagonists encounter 350-400 members of a "Finnish tribe" who make their living by whaling and sealing ...

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