Kodos is the name of more than one fictional character:

  • Kodos the Executioner, a villain in the episode "The Conscience of the King" of Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Kodos, a fictional green one-eyed alien of in The Simpsons, voiced by Dan Castellaneta.
  • Kodos, large, thick-skinned creatures in the game World of Warcraft.
  • Warlord Kodos, a large anthropomorphic lion in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics.
Other uses
  • Kodos Python Regular Expression Debugger, an open-source regular expression debugger

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Treehouse Of Horror (series) - Traditions - Kang and Kodos
... exclusive to the Treehouse of Horror series are Kang and Kodos, a pair of large green space aliens who were introduced in the "Hungry are the Damned" segment of "Treehouse of Horror" ... Kang and Kodos have since appeared in every Treehouse of Horror episode, sometimes as important parts of a story, but often just for brief cameos ...
Kang And Kodos
... Kang and Kodos are a duo of recurring characters in the animated television series The Simpsons ... Kang is voiced by Harry Shearer and Kodos by Dan Castellaneta ... Kang and Kodos are often bent on the conquest of Earth and are usually seen working on sinister plans to invade and subjugate humanity ...
Kodos Python Regular Expression Debugger
... Kodos is a FLOSS (GNU GPL) regular expression debugger written in Python, developed by Phil Schwartz ... to the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions standard for its regular expressions, Kodos can be used for debugging regular expressions for any other language that conforms ...
Treehouse Of Horror XVI - Plot
... In the opening, using an accelerator-beam (despite Kodos fearing that "the fabric of the Universe itself may shatter!"), Kang hopes to speed up an exceedingly slow and boring World Series baseball ... Kodos gets angry at Kang for doing so ("Smooth move, space-lax! You've destroyed the totality of existence!"), but Kang states that it will be fine, leaving a note on the screen showing the Treehouse ...
Treehouse Of Horror XVIII - Plot - E.T., Go Home
... As he does so, he finds Kodos there ... Kodos states his desire is to return home and that he had come to Earth in peace, though he hints that he was really sent there to destroy mankind ... the alien in their home and decides to help Bart and Kodos obtain a list of devices (including two tickets to see Avenue Q) that he can use to contact ...