Knowledge Gaps

Some articles on knowledge gaps, knowledge:

Confidence-based Learning - Process
... the learner a set of questions and then filling knowledge gaps with critical content, whereas most traditional online learning approaches deliver content first and then test to validate each learner's ... By combining a knowledge diagnostic and prescriptive learning into one process, the CBL System offers a contextually-smart learning environment that is akin to a rigorous quality improvement process with a ... Diagnose – The system starts by diagnosing the true knowledge of learners (i.e ...
The Knowledge Divide Between Nations
... According to UNESCO and the World Bank, knowledge gaps between nations may occur due to the varying degrees by which individual nations incorporate the following ... Vital to the spread of knowledge and information between nations are such freedoms as freedom of expression, an absence of censorship, free circulation of information ... Democracy Plurality of knowledge and information This includes a diverse media and the acceptance of diverse forms of knowledge ...
Lake Galilee (Queensland) - Knowledge Gaps
... Other surveys and monitoring not yet carried out at Lake Galilee are aquatic ecology base-line surveys, followed by five to ten year monitoring. ...

Famous quotes containing the words gaps and/or knowledge:

    ... if we take the universe of ‘fitting,’ countless coats ‘fit’ backs, and countless boots ‘fit’ feet, on which they are not practically fitted; countless stones ‘fit’ gaps in walls into which no one seeks to fit them actually. In the same way countless opinions ‘fit’ realities, and countless truths are valid, tho no thinker ever thinks them.
    William James (1842–1910)

    Today a man of knowledge might well feel as though he were God transformed into an animal.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)