Klein Gordon Equation

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Klein–Gordon Equation - Derivation
... The non-relativistic equation for the energy of a free particle is By quantizing this, we get the non-relativistic Schrödinger equation for a free particle, where is the momentum operator ( being the del operator) ... The Schrödinger equation suffers from not being relativistically covariant, meaning it does not take into account Einstein's special relativity ... operators for momentum and energy yields the equation This, however, is a cumbersome expression to work with because the differential operator cannot be evaluated while under ...
Klein–Gordon Equation
... The KleinGordon equation (Klein–Fock–Gordon equation or sometimes KleinGordon–Fock equation) is a relativistic version of the Schrödinger ... It is the equation of motion of a quantum scalar or pseudoscalar field, a field whose quanta are spinless particles ... It cannot be straightforwardly interpreted as a Schrödinger equation for a quantum state, because it is second order in time and because it does not admit a positive definite ...

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