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East European Russia

  • East European Russia was defeated by Japan Republic's Sxano-X in their third battle.

Sxano was able to endure the effects of Eunova's ultimate weapon "The Hundred eyes of Argos"

Sergei Kulakovskii (セルゲイ・クラコフスキー, Serugei Kurakofusukī?)
He is the pilot of Eunova-VIII, 15 years old. Later, when he and Tatyana are defeated by Japan's Republic, Sxano-X, he is a cheerful guy with a good attitude and is hard to hate. He becomes quick friends with the protagonists and worries about them. He seems to have a romantic relationship with Eunova's translator, and his partner, Tatyana, despite her being older.
Tatyana Grigoriev (タチアナ・グリゴリエフ, Tachiana Gurigoriefu?)
Voiced by: Rei Sakuma
The translator of Eunova-VIII, 32 years old. She is shown as a sensible and mature woman and corrects Sergei often about being polite and what not. She seems to have a romantic relationship with Sergei, seen kissing in one episode.

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