Kintetsu Toba Line - Service


LO Local (普通 futsū)

For Ise-Nakagawa
For Toba, Kashikojima
(Locals stop at every station.)

EX Express (急行 kyūkō)

For Osaka Uehommachi; via Nabari and Yamato-Yagi (Kashihara)
For Nagoya; via Tsu and Yokkaichi
For Toba
(Expresses typically end at Ujiyamada, occasionally run all the way to Toba.)

RE Rapid Express (快速急行 kaisoku-kyūkō)

For Osaka Uehommachi; via Nabari and Yamato-Yagi (Kashihara)
For Toba
(Only runs mornings and evenings.)
(Rapid expresses typically end at Ujiyamada, occasionally run all the way to Toba.)

LE Limited Express (特急 tokkyū)

For Osaka Namba and Osaka Uehommachi; via Nabari and Yamato-Yagi (Kashihara)
For Kyoto; via Yamato-Saidaiji (Nara)
For Nagoya; via Tsu and Yokkaichi
For Toba, Kashikojima
(Seat reservations and limited express fee required.)

NS Non-stop Limited Express (ノンストップ特急 nonsutoppu tokkyū)

For Osaka Namba
For Nagoya
For Kashikojima
(Runs once a day on weekdays, three times a day on weekends.)
(Seat reservations and limited express fee required.)

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