Kinnikuman Anime-original Characters - The Golden Mask

The Golden Mask

  • Geronimo (Kaneto Shiozawa) - A young Cherokee Choujin. He defeats Sunshine as a regular human, but after undergoing a special trial he finally becomes a Choujin. He refers to the other Idol Choujin as Senpai and is known for his battlecry, U-Ra-Ra!!. Geronimo appears in Ultimate Muscle as a trainer for the Hercules Academy.
  • Akuma Shogun - The main villain of this arc. His Silver Mask was originally the Chōjin God Goldman.
  • Sunshine - Sunshine appeared as one of the Devil Knights, a group of Akuma Choujin who had supposedly stolen the Golden Mask, a sacred relic on planet Kinniku that was once the head of a god. He fought Geronimo during the Five Story Ring battle within Warsman's unconscious body. Though he nearly killed Geronimo, he was ultimately defeated by his Apache War Cry technique after his weakness was discovered to be loud noises. Like the other Devil Knights, he was absorbed by Akuma Shogun before the fight with Kinnikuman. Later, he and Ashuraman escape and plot to steal the Friendship Power of the Seigi Choujins using Cursed Dolls. They enact their plan during the Dream Tag Tournament, where they compete as the Stray Devil Choujin Combo. After they are defeated by Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great during the semi-finals they become good, but Sunshine is killed by Neptuneman. Sunshine would later appear during the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne as one of the Choujins The Omegaman captured, killed, and therefore could now transform into. He is based on the Sunshine 60 Building in Tokyo.
  • Ashuraman - A prince from the demon realm who had six arms and three interchangeable faces.
  • Silver Man (シルバーマン) Voiced bys: Issei Futamata; Minori Matsushima (Silver Mask) - The brother of Choujin God Goldman. His spirit has possessed the Silver Mask.
  • Junkman (ジャンクマン?) Voice actor: Kazuhiko Kishino - Junkman was another of the Six Devil Knights who never appeared again in the anime. He has giant crushing plates as hands. He fought Robin Mask during the Five-Story Ring battle within Warsman's body. Although he was powerful enough to shatter Robin's sapphire-made armor, Robin eventually defeated him with the Reverse Tower Bridge.
  • The Ninja - A ninja Chōjin who is one of the Six Devil Knights. He fought Brocken Jr. during the Five-Story Ring within Warsman's body. Although he had the advantage throughout the fight, Brocken won in the end when he threw the both of them over the side of the ring. As they fell, Ninja disguised himself as Brocken so Robin Mask (in the next ring down) would save him. Robin only had time to save one Brocken and, fortunately, he grabbed the real one, causing Ninja to be killed when he was impaled on Junkman's spikes. The Ninja turned up alive and became a member of Kinnikuman Soldier's team during the survivor series for the throne of Planet Kinniku. He fought Satan Cross and was killed by his Triangle Dreamer, but was brought back to life along with the rest of Team Soldier by Kinnikuman's Face Flash. In Ultimate Muscle, the Ninja is renamed Ninja Ned.
  • Planetman - A planet-themed Chōjin who is one of the Six Devil Knights. His body is made up of the nine planets of the solar system with his head being the legendary 12th planet Vulcan. He was defeated by Kinnikuman and disappeared into a black hole that manifested in the middle of the ring.
  • Sneagator (スニゲーター?) - Sneagator was another of the Akuma Knights to never reappear in the series again. He was the first opponent that Kinnikuman fought in the Golden Mask Arc. He had the ability to shape-shift into any form, ranging from a claw to a snake to a shoe. Generally, his form was reptilian, and wore sneakers, or had laces somewhere on it. The only exception to this was his last form, the Claw form. He faced Kinnikuman and was smashed into the mat in the end. His original form was the foot of a Tyrannosaurus. His grandson is Maxman, one of the villains in Ultimate Muscle.

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