King Siggeir

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... In the Völsunga saga, Sinfjötli is the grandson of King Völsung ... Signý, King Völsung's daughter, despises her husband King Siggeir, and begs "that she may not be made to return to King Siggeir." Völsung denies her request to leave, reminding her of the commitment their family ... Despite a warning from Signý, King Völsung and his 10 sons engage in a battle as King Siggeir’s unbeatable army treacherously murders King Völsung ...
Signy - In Völsunga Saga
... Signy was the only daughter of King Völsung of Hunaland and Hljod the giantess ... Signy reluctantly married King Siggeir of Gautland after he asked King Volsung for her hand ... Sigmund and Sinfjötli kill Siggeir to avenge the death of their father/grandfather together ...

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