King Frederick

King Frederick may refer to:

  • Frederick I of Denmark
  • Frederick II of Denmark
  • Frederick III of Denmark
  • Frederick IV of Denmark
  • Frederick V of Denmark
  • Frederick VI of Denmark
  • Frederick VII of Denmark
  • Frederick VIII of Denmark
  • Frederick IX of Denmark
  • Frederick I of Sweden
  • Frederick I of Prussia, previously Frederick III, Elector of Brandenburg
  • Frederick II of Prussia, Frederick the Great
  • Frederick III, German Emperor, also King Frederick III of Prussia
  • Frederick I of Württemberg (1754–1816)

In addition, a number of kings of Prussia were named Frederick William:

  • Frederick William I of Prussia (1688–1740)
  • Frederick William II of Prussia {1744–1797)
  • Frederick William III of Prussia (1770–1840)
  • Frederick William IV of Prussia (1795–1861)

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Count Of Malta - Aragonese Sicily
... At around 1320 King Frederick II, gave the title of Count of Malta to his son by Eleanor of Anjou, Guglielmo, it seems that in 1330 Guglielmo invested the county of ... A year later in 1350 King Louis of Sicily incorporated the islands to the royal dominio, apparently after petitioning from the local nobility ... In 1360 King Frederick III the Simple gave the fief to Guido Ventimiglia but by 1366 the fief was passed by the crown to Manfred III Chiaramonte ...
Barbara Campanini
... She was noted by the young Prussian king Frederick the Great, who offered her a position at the newly erected Court Opera in Berlin, where she ... Venice with her lover Lord Stuart Mackenzie, and King Frederick used political pressure arresting a Venetian envoy to have her turned over to Prussia ... There were speculations that she had an affair with King Frederick (though reputed as misogynic), as well as many other persons ...
Basil Wenceslas - Biography
... A.D and supervised the reign of the puppet kings Frederick and Peter ... During the reign of King Frederick the Chairman treated the king rather poorly ridiculing the questions and opinions Frederick offered in council meetings and berating him ... Despite this Wenceslas much preferred King Frederick to the successor King Peter whose rebellious attitude made life difficult for Basil Wenceslas to a point ...
Georg Wenzeslaus Von Knobelsdorff - Life and Works - Neuruppin and Rheinsberg
... Knobelsdorff gained the attention of King Frederick William I of Prussia (the "Soldier-King"), who had him join the entourage of his son, crown prince Frederick, later ... in Küstrin, (now Polish Kostrzyn nad Odrą), Frederick had just been granted somewhat more freedom of movement by his strict father ... Apparently, the king hoped that Knobelsdorff, as a sensible and artistically-talented nobleman, would have a moderating influence on his son ...

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    With words and people and love you move at ease.
    —John Frederick Nims (b. 1913)

    What must the King do now? Must he submit?
    The King shall do it. Must he be deposed?
    The King shall be contented. Must he lose
    The name of King? a’ God’s name let it go.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)