King Edmund

King Edmund can refer to the following monarchs from history:

  • Edmund the Martyr, king of East Anglia later canonised as Saint Edmund
  • Edmund I of England
  • Edmund II of England, also known as Edmund Ironside
  • Edmund of Scotland may be included in some lists of Kings of Scots

King Edmund can also refer to the following fictional characters:

  • Prince Edmund (Blackadder), character in The Black Adder who was King Edmund III of England
  • Edmund Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia

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... In it King Ethelred II (Ethelred the Unready), granted to Wulfrun ten hides of land at Hēatūn, which means "high or principal farm or enclosure" ... belied their promises and chose Olaf from Ireland as king ... Here king Edmund besieged Olaf and archbishop Wulfstan in Leicester, and he might have controlled them, except that they broke out of the fort in the night, and after ...
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... April - King Æthelred the Unready pays £48,000 Danegeld. 1013 July - Sweyn Forkbeard, King of Denmark, having invaded the country, is proclaimed as King within the Danelaw. 25 December - Sweyn is proclaimed King of all England in London, forcing Æthelred to flee to Normandy ...
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... Prince Edward the Exile, son of King Edmund Ironside of Wessex and Ealdgyth ... King Edmund Ironside, son of King Ethelred II and Ælfgifu of York King Ethelred II, son of King Edgar of England and Ælfthryth ... King Edgar of England, son of King Edmund I and Ælfgifu of Shaftesbury ...

Famous quotes containing the word king:

    To be a king and wear a crown is more glorious to them that see it than it is pleasure to them that bear it.
    Elizabeth I (1533–1603)