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Evolutionary Game Theory - Who Is Playing The Game? - Eusociality and Kin Selection
... that has been forthcoming is in Kin Selection influences that arise from the genetic makeup of these workers which predisposes them to such kin oriented altruistic behaviours ... workers are sisters, further skewing the kin related payoffs toward altruistic sacrifice ... genetic relationships, the most significant example being termites, there still exist kin related influences arising from inbreeding, monogamy and the ...

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    Perhaps it is nothingness which is real and our dream which is non-existent, but then we feel think that these musical phrases, and the notions related to the dream, are nothing too. We will die, but our hostages are the divine captives who will follow our chance. And death with them is somewhat less bitter, less inglorious, perhaps less probable.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    For little boys are rancorous
    When robbed of any myth,
    And spiteful and cantankerous
    To all their kin and kith.
    But little girls can draw conclusions
    And profit from their lost illusions.
    Phyllis McGinley (1905–1978)