Kienbock's Disease

Kienbock's disease is a disorder of the wrist. It is named for Dr. Robert Kienböck, a radiologist in Vienna, Austria who described osteomalacia of the lunate in 1910.

It is breakdown of the lunate bone, a carpal bone in the wrist that articulates with the radius in the forearm. Specifically, Kienbock's disease is another name for avascular necrosis (death and fracture of bone tissue due to interruption of blood supply) with fragmentation and collapse of the lunate. This has classically been attributed to arterial disruption, but may also occur after events that produce venous congestion with elevated interosseous pressure.

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Kienbock's Disease - Treatment
... Depending on the stage the disease is in when it is discovered, varying treatments are applied ... as 3B, although their use at later stages (like most treatments for Kienbock's) is controversial ... Some Kienbock's patients present with an abnormally large difference in length between the radius and the ulna, termed "ulnar variance", which is hypothesized to cause undue ...
Kienbock's Disease - Predisposing Factors
... The exact cause of Kienbock's is not known, though there are thought to be a number of factors predisposing a person to Kienbock's ... Recent studies have made a correlation between Kienbock's sufferers and Western European ancestry, but no definitive link can be positively confirmed ... severed or pinched, even through a slight sprain, causing the patient to develop Kienbock's ...

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