Kiches Child

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Glossary Of Please Save My Earth - Sarjalim Faith - Kiches Sarjalian
... Kiches Sarjalians are a very special subset of Sarches that are incredibly rare, one in 100 million, and are revered by the people and the state alike as avatars ... These Kiches have powers of empathy, growth, and rebirth ... Low level Kiches can speak with plants, and sing to make them grow, while older and more experienced Kiches can speak/empathize with animals and even heal them ...

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    Separation anxiety is normal part of development, but individual reactions are partly explained by experience, that is, by how frequently children have been left in the care of others.... A mother who is never apart from her young child may be saying to him or her subliminally: “You are only safe when I’m with you.”
    Cathy Rindner Tempelsman (20th century)