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Electronics and Communication Engineering Discipline

Electronics and Communication Engineering Discipline was first offered in 1997 under School of Science,Engineering and Technology (SET)of Khulna University. This discipline is the first of its kind in Bangladesh (i.e. It is the first discipline in Bangladesh that offers undergraduate degree Electronics mean of communication subjects as well as Electronics). Presently it is the top ranked discipline of this university. Beside regular study curricula it conducts a project fair every year at the world telecommunication day. The students bring their electronics based projects in the fair. Among them best ones are selected and rewarded. This discipline currently has a seminar library, a digital electronics lab, an electrical lab, an analog communication lab, a digital communication lab, a biomedical engineering lab, a computer lab, Microwave and Antenna lab. Electronics and Communication Engineering is the discipline that studies the principles and design of electronic and communication systems. Communication technology is one of the most sophisticated and rapidly changing applications of electronics field. It now pervades the daily lives of everyone, through mass communication networks and person to person communication based on fixed and wireless networks. Examples include the internet, telephone, cellular mobile system, and the many digital communication systems being built on these technologies. Electronic communication involves transporting a wide range of information, not just data, but also voice, multimedia and video.

ECE discipline currently offers a 4 year BSc. Engg. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Till 2011, 12 batches have been successfully completed their studies. In April 2012, ECE discipline has announced its MSc Engg. in ECE program with two focuses on a) Electronics and b) Communication Engineering.

Students of ECE has operated a club named"ROUTER"for Updated Search on ICT Based Technology. ROUTER arranges seminar, Project Fair, and publishes ICT based magazines in Every year. Introduction ROUTER is the club of the students of Electronics & Communication Engineering Discipline of Khulna University. Which elaborates as “Roaming Over the Universe Through Electronic Roadway.” The theme line of the club is “In search of a new frontier.”The constitution of this club is designed by the “ ad hoc” committee according to the decision of the general meeting of ECE discipline on the 4th April 2002 AD. The constitution was formed on 11th July 2002.ROUTER is organized to meet the need to expand and enrich the potentialities of ECE Students to fulfill the requirements of the vast and various fields of electronics and Communication sector of 21st Century along with their academic activities.

Its objective is to provide their better attachment, understanding & better learning of their professional life in Information, Electronics & Electronic communication sector. The motive is to ensure an integrated working atmosphere to develop human resources both for research & field oriented jobs in I&CT sector of future world.

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